A snippet from Deb:

Houses, castles, neighbors, kittens, pirates, boat captains, firefighters, chefs, mothers, fathers, babies, and most of all, good friends...

These are the worlds I enter when I spend the morning in Terri's Morning Garden; behind the ironing board, quietly ironing, watching and helping; tying silk capes and pirate hats, readjusting "the boat" made out of wooden trestles, modeling a calming, warming activity that children rarely see anymore while I observe happy, free children being completely themselves in a world so perfectly suited to them.

This is Terri's Morning Garden; where children romp in beautiful, sunlit woods looking for tracks and treasures and signs of magic...and, of course, sticks!  In the woods, they balance on logs, walk and run on uneven ground that changes with the seasons above and below them, climb on rocks and go on explorations, finding labyrinths and ponds where beavers nibble all the trees; where children roll and hop and move their whole body in complete joy; caring for chickens and bunnies and each other.

This is Terri's morning Garden; where children put on comfy slippers before slipping into a myriad of imaginative roles, all suited to the individuals and their developmental levels; where children don aprons to bake biscuits and cut carrots for soup;  where everyone happily helps to clean up and participates wholeheartedly in songs and movement and finger plays; where all sit with wide eyes as Terri tells a story, using no pictures except those in each child's imagination...

This is Terri's Morning Garden; a truly magical place; where all the children are learning to be a part of the social world while, at the same time, building their bodies and minds with physical activity, imaginative play and wholesome, nutritious food.  Every aspect of the Waldorf day is planned with the children's needs in mind; everything is done for a reason.
The children will carry these beautiful experiences and memories with them always.

In Gratitude to what a Waldorf Morning Garden gave to my daughter many years ago...and to your children.

Deb Hartshorn  M.S. Ed.

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Spring Is Here, Safety First; especially in May & June.

May 13, 2014
Mother's Day has passed. I hope that everyone felt the "love" that you all so deserve! Parenting is one on the HARDEST jobs there is and it doesn't really end. Yes, it is rewarding too. 
I was reminded today of a Beautiful Spring day with 12 children at my house after school. It was the birthday of one of the children. Her mother was  standing there talking to me, while I was helping a child onto the swing. Meanwhile, everyone was just a bit wilder than usual. IT WAS SPRING! Everyone was busting out of their skin. The noise was louder, the excitement higher, and their bodies were just bouncing with abandonment.   (this was happening today, 16 years after this day I could feel the same energy)
What happen next was a first...
My daughter, Ashley goes to jump out of the swing, LANDs on the Ground and proceeds to cry, then turn white and throw-up. (not a good sign,right?) The other parent called the rescue squad (911) and an ambulance was there within minutes.
To make a Long Story short... Ashley and I got in the ambulance and off to the ER we went. What did we find out?
Ashley had broken both wrists. (She chose a purple cast and a green one; I almost fainted while they took x-rays)
But, just as interesting and this is FOR YOU... the ER said that "Spring time is one of their BUSIEST TIMES". I see this...
The children are "just having fun" but, not really thinking clearly. They are WILD with JOY.
So... watch them and Keep them safe.
May 5, 2014
Yesterday, was on of those perfect "adult" days where there was a lot of freedom, PLAY and blessings. I was blessed to spend the morning quietly drinking tea and reading about the chakra's and about gardening. Then, I joined 8 plus beautiful women (some I knew and some i was just meeting) for a Gluten- Free Brunch made by Maureen Wheeler and Jo Jo; while Henna was being created and drawn on each of us by Rebecca of Heartfire Henna.
The morning was slow and joyful. The food was beautiful to look at and amazing to eat. The atmosphere was easy. The conversations bounced but, flowed. I was reminded how much we forget to be playful; how much fun it is to be inspired by the unknown. I loved walking into a community of women and hearing their parenting stories and most of all hearing the laughter of the imperfections of this parenting and of being human... It was the laughter, the beautiful food, and the art that fed and nourished the soul.
Then if that was not a full day, I  met up with my soul sister JoAnne and we foraged in the woods of Shelburne, Vermont in my back yard... RAMPS, NETTLE and FIDDLEHEADS. We connected and shared about her travels to and from Peru, about teaching children, about business here in Shelburne.   
It is here that I want to say... I am committing to creating MORE PLAY for ADULTS. (and yes, always for the children that come here).
Lastly, yesterday I shared a story about "parenting with you and your child's angels".
We must remember to ASK (wait to receive) the ANGELS  for guidance. They can not help unless they are asked ...
We humans have "free will"; it is in the ASKING THAT WE CAN RECEIVE. (  I know ... you know this. I am reminding you, while I am reminding me).

First, Mark just saw a crow gathering sticks and stuff... he was fascinated! ( I missed it)  Do you know what this means... THEY ARE making NESTS! So...there is hope;  Spring is coming even though it doesn't look like it.
We know this right?
Okay, the last time that I was in contact in this way, it was a lot of enrollment, schedule and money stuff. Here, today I want to share the view from inside the program.
So, here are the behind the scenes; the happenings inside the program and in my head:

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