Spring is Here!

I remember during my years in training a dear teacher once said, "the children feel the energy of the earth." You can see that it now that it is spring! The children are in a way busting out. They are tripping over everything just trying to get there fast enough, and they are taking risks that maybe they shouldn't. They are like the flowers getting ready to burst! When my daughter was around 8 years old in the spring she jumped from a swing... (Feeling daring) and broke both arms. When we were escorted in an ambulance from Richmond to Burlington emergency room, the EMT said, spring is there busiest time with children. So... "Safety First!" says Ms. Terri and at the SAME TIME, try asking the question... "Am I Parenting (or whatever else) out of LOVE or FEAR?" It's a tricky question... If you're clear, Love always Wins.

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New Circle Songs for Spring

Oh... Pussy Willow dear ...
Do you Know that Spring is Near
and the Cold March Winds are Blowing.

Wrapped in Fur from your head to your Toes
You Don't Care How the MARCH winds Blow...

we sing two times)


know little pussy her coat is pearly gray,
She lives down in the meadow not very far away
She'll Always be Pussy.
She'll Never Be CAT;  
For she's Pussy WILLOW;
What do you think of that...

(here we are moving our fingers like in the itsy, bitsy, spider)      

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Ms. Terri's School's Soup

Note to Everyone.... I don't measure the ingredients; I just add, smell and taste.

Oh and to get kids to eat it, at first I go light on the onion, garlic and ginger even the types of veggies to build trust and confidence for a bit...Also as I serve them I fill their bowl with the soup first, then I add the cooked rice noodles on top.

* Add Olive Oil into the pan just covering the bottom of the pan.

* Zig or chop finely:
1 or 1/2 onion
1 or 2 garlic cloves  
1 Tbs or more of fresh peeled ginger (almost the most important ingredient)

* Put into the OLIVE OIL sauté

* Add 3 Tbs of Tamari (Wheat-free) (rounds out ALL flavors somehow)

**********That is your base. This is the YUMMY beginning.***************

Let it simmer (I do ALL this before the children arrive). Turn off stove until veggies are ready to add

The Children and I "chop, chop and cut, cut..." ANY AND ALL combinations of Vegetables. Whatever is in the house, the garden...etc. Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes (a hit), parsnips, carrots of every color, turnips, etc...

*   Add veggies to the soup and sauté with all the YUMMY beginning


*   Now add some water (2 cups to start)

*   2 Tbs Organic Better than Bouillon

*   Then, we pinch and I chop FRESH Kale, spinach, etc...

Meanwhile, another POT of boiling water. ADD

Tinkyada Pasta Joy: Brown Rice PASTA. (COOK AL DENTE' serve separate from SOUP AND ADD into each CHILD'S BOWL OF SOUP.  ENJOY.... ENJOY....

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