Ms. Terri's July 8-12: Mother Nature is popping!

Kids were hot, tired but, generally happy and willing. 

Today, I realized it's been or felt like a "red week". Red energy; fire energy, red tea, red cherries, red volcanoes; so I decided today we'd paint RED and cool it off with some yellow! Phew... we needed a little cooling. 
Then, we washed the Morning Garden kitchen set and cleaned all the dishes, etc... They are fresh and clean for next week.
Oh my, the Cherry Tree! Making fairy size cherry pies was a blast. Picking Cherries was even more fun and having the children "hold the ladder" was cute and... Call me crazy.
Making Sun Tea with Hibiscus flowers. The "red" was amazing and I learned the hibiscus tea is served in Mexico because it's "cooling." 
Painting garden rocks, so fun to have. (I am going to get some sealer and we can share it).
Then, Whittling fresh sticks with vegetable peelers and making "fairy fencing". Sprinkler time and then the hose to see if they could jump over the water. 
Of course, there is the "swing", fairy house building and beautifying, 
a story and a fairy card a day.
I am amazed each week in the interest of the natural world. I call the plants, flowers, etc "the gifts of Mother Earth." Each day we are learning the gift and the story behind some "weed" that is here to help. It's been Sweet/sour Clover, Chickweed & Nettle Pesto. 
Yesterday, a story about Chicory, which is growing on the roadside right now in that periwinkle blue. You can make a tea out of it. It's supposedly uplifting. The roots were made for a coffee-like drink. 
They are attentive and curious.
I'm sending some photo's along, enjoy! And THANK YOU for trusting in me and allowing me to share my gifts with your children.